Side Hustle - Tips on How You Can Stay Focused on Your Second Job

Side Hustle - Tips on How You Can Stay Focused on Your Second Job

Woman in a company video conference while working a side hustle at home

Taking on a more passive second job (AKA a side hustle) is a great way to earn some extra cash. If you've got the time and energy to spare. Even those who have those qualities might find it a bit difficult to stay on top of things, though. Any new venture is going to take some getting used to. But when money is involved, things tend to feel a little more serious. To help you keep on top of things, here are four tips for staying focused on a second job you can apply to your own work at home.

Schedule the Time

Many people go into a side hustle assuming they can just work "whenever". But this doesn't tend to work out as well as they might like. While this second job might be supplementary income to your primary job, it's still a job. That means you need to take the proper amount of time to do your best work. Even if your hours are flexible or you set your own schedule. Making that time to keep on top of what you need to do is going to be key. Instead of trying to squeeze in some work whenever you're not doing anything else, dedicate a chunk of the day to catching up on things.

Understand Your Working Time

Most people take jobs with a fairly standard 9-to-5 schedule. A lot of us never realize that we may be better workers at different times of the day. For example, morning people might do their best work right after they've woken up. And grow more sluggish as the day drags on. Conversely, night owls might have to wait until it starts to get dark before they feel motivated to get the job done.

It all comes down to your own circadian rhythm and what works best for you. If your side hustle involves making your own hours, figuring out when your ideal working time happens to be will be a necessary skill. Not to mention good information to have going forward in life.

Eliminate Distractions

Many people's second job of this nature is done from home. So it's necessary to eliminate as many distractions during your work time as possible. If you've ever worked from home before, you probably know the basics of finding a quiet place without anything to break your concentration. If you live with others, it would likely be helpful to designate some quiet hours when you're working. Where others aren't to interrupt you or make lots of noise.

Remember to Rest

Resting and break time are as important to do good work as the work itself. If your side hustle involves many minor, short tasks, you might have the impulse to try and speed through all of them without delay. However, this can quickly burn you out if you aren't careful. Just like with other work, giving yourself some time to relax during the day is necessary. As an example, give yourself about 20 minutes to take a break in between different tasks every couple of hours. Additionally, many people who focus hard on tasks like this can sometimes forget to do things like eat. So these breaks are a good reminder to stay on top of your own health, too.

Keeping yourself on track when working with your self-directed side hustle can be a bit of a challenge if you haven't been your own boss before. If you can remember these four tips for staying focused on the job, though, you'll be earning that extra cash in no time.


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